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Wafer Spray Etcher

Product Description

  • SEMTEK Etcher (Wet Spray Etcher) is high-precision wet etching process equipment. Wet etching process often used in semiconductor device fabrication and optical LED industry  fields ...。 In the semiconductor manufacturing process, wet etching is usually the fastest and the less cost option. , SEMTEK'S Etcher can be improved the existing shortcoming of the traditional wet-etching machine, such as: etch uniformity, undercut and WPH.
  • SEMTEK Etching can be operated in rotation and revolution mode with a special spray pattern, to enhance the uniformity. The Etcher can  be used with mixed acid and thermostat systems to grasp the process parameters accurately. It also can be etched more wafers simultaneously,unlike monolithic system. SEMTEK etching feature can improve production capacity, enhance the symmetry of etching and reduce the consumption of liquid. The most important, the parameters of etcher can control undercut depth to enhance product stability. It is  suitable for high-tech industries.
  • SEMTEK owns the patent of rotation & revolution spray etching method in China and Taiwan. To honor SEMTEK: THE GOLDEN PEAK AWARD of OUTSTANDING R & D WORKS IN R.O.C.


Product features

  • Controlling undercut's depth-use parameter trace.
  • Etching depth uniformity - <3% (within wafer).
  • Increasing productivity - more wafers can be etched simultaneously.
  • With patent rotation and revolution  principle - get a good symmetry of etching line.
  • Special spray mode - can reduce the amount of liquid.
  • Process Capability - current width of up to 1um.
  • Customized tailor made - 12 inches below the size of  customer demand.
  • Optional mixed acid systems and thermostat systems - can control process parameters precisely.
  • SEMI-S2 certified.
  • Equipment model:1-chamber and 2-chamber;2~3 pcs wafer in chamber.


  • 2"、4"、6"、8" and 12".