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Wafer Backside Cleaner


  • Clean wafer backside after polish, to remove Si powder and SiO2.
  • The main application:

    1. The wafer backside needs to be coated with a metal film and removed  Si powder/SiO2 completely. Should be micro-etched with a small amount of diluted HF, then cleaned with pure water.

    2. For wafer of small-sized dies, to increase the adhesion between die and dicing tape. Only clean with pure water to remove more than 90% Si powder/SiO2 and it can avoid wafer cutting and cleaving.


  • Programmable multi-axis swing-arm system.
  • Pure water can be atomized to 7~9um.。
  • Different product carrier design, such as wafer form、Frame form、Panel form.
  • Matched all Equipment Front End Module (EFEM).
  • Option:Acid-mixed system、thermostat system and chemical recycled system.
  • Special explosion-proof safety device and design.
  • SEMI-S2 certification.
  • Equipment model:1-chamber、2-chamber and 4-chamber.


  • 2"、4"、6"、8" and 12".